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Nadia Stone is one of the hottest names of the moment, in Italy and abroad. Italian Jamaican (but living in Toronto), she is made of multi-ethnicity strength. Close collaborator of Laioung and RRR Mob, the singer is surfacing in several locations around the globe with her latest single “No Limits” (shot in Milan by RRR Films). After a long, good conversation we decided to share with people the many things said, so far little information spread in Italy. In this interview we talked about a variety of topics: from her music to family, from plans to her favorite artists.

  • Explain us the “Nadia Stone” style.

The “Nadia Stone” style is her being in her own lane. She is one female artist who is not afraid of taking the risk and doing records that are usually male dominated; yet she is still able to tap into the smoother/mysterious records.

I have a very soulful yet sweet voice. My music is 100% based off of all my life experiences.
My zodiac sign is Cancer “the crab”. The crab has two sides: a hard outer shell and a soft internal. This is exactly my style when it comes to my music, my personality and my style of dress.

  • When did you begin to sing?

I began singing at the age of 6. At the time I was into professional figure skating and would compete all over Ontario. In my early teenage years I realized that I wanted to only focus on music. So I left figure skating to devote all my time to music. No regrets!

  • Tell us your feelings about Italy.

Italy is close to home for me. I am half Italian and half Jamaican. My mother is Pugliese, from Foggia and my father is Jamaican from Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
I’ve visited Italy many times. I still have family in Italy. My favorite place in Italy right now is Milan because I’ve made such beautiful memories there. I recorded two of my music videos there and some of my hardest work was done in the RRR Mob recording studio in Milano.
I love the culture and always feel at home in Italy. Toronto has a “little Italy”, but nothing beats the true authenticity of actually being in Italy.

  • How is to work with a producer like the Italian Big Fish?

Working with Italy’s producer Big Fish was great! He is very talented and professional. It was an honor, I love his beats! I look forward to working on more music with him in the future. Stay tuned!

  • How much Italian rap game and American rap game are similar?

The style of dress between Italian rappers and American rappers are very similar. They both love the finer styles and brands. Americans have rapped about Italian culture, movies, cars and brands for a decade. I find that both styles of rap are similar when it comes to choosing head knocking beats, trap beats etc. Both styles also rap about real raw emotions in their lives.

  • Your favourite artists ITA/USA?

American Artists: Travis Scott, Aaliyah, Kanye West, Kehlani, New Edition, Boys II Men, Bryson Tiller, Rihanna, Musiq Soulchild, The Weeknd, Tory Lanez & Chris Brown…. the list goes on.

Italian Artists: Laioung, Emis Killa, Larry Joule, Dark Polo Gang, Tedua, IZI & Vegas Jones… to name a few.

  • Tell us your background.

Italian & Jamaican. Currently living in Toronto, Canada. The “six” haha.

  • The collaboration of your dreams? Why?

The collaboration of my dreams would have been the beautiful singer Aaliyah.
I always felt she was something like my twin flame. Very similar music styles, the acting roles she chose are similar to what I would like to do.
I feel she would have been someone I would have really gotten along with. She was sweet, mysterious… yet portrayed a classy sexiness. I like to think I’m one in the same.

  • What is your working team? Explain us, how did you meet Laioung?

Laioung was working on music in Toronto when we met one year ago. He is SUPER talented! The moment we shook hands at the studio we knew we had a musical connection and started working together. We also bonded over both being half black and half Italian. It was so rare, yet so wonderful to meet someone who understood you musically and personally. Laioung and I are still a working team today. We have a song we are dropping together very soon titled “No Filter“.

  • What do you think that HipHopTender could bring to the game?

HipHopTender is already bringing something new to the game by interviewing artists like me who is bringing Italy-Toronto-USA together.
Keep bringing international new music for the people, interviewing all different kinds of artists and updating us on all fashion that’s hot on the streets and on the runways.